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    A Tale of Bravery... and Disappointment.

    It was nearly dusk when boarded the chopper heading to Sector B, otherwise known as Salvation Island to those lucky enough to be chosen to live there. It was our first raid on the Island since we arrived to this place after fleeing Chernarus. Who knew that this would be the epicenter of the outbreak. We flew in from around the south west side of the small island and landed discreetly behind their hangars. We quietly crept along the hangars and slowly made our way across the tarmac. We were heading to the apartment buildings where we were told they kept the food supplies that we so desperately needed. Our Newest companion Scorch lead the way. As he peeked around the corner he saw a guard patrolling a broken down Civilian Ural that was filled to the brim with food. Scorch Opened fire taking out the guard with a well placed head shot. When he looked again there were two more guards approaching from the archway opposite our position, again he opened fire taking them out one at a time. As we proceeded towards the Ural we noticed another guard positioned on top of a Bunker and we quickly dispatched him. After getting the all clear we made our way to the Ural and found new Bags and filled them to the brim with supplies. As we attempted to make our escape however... that's where it all went horribly wrong. A group of guards on the opposite side of the apartments heard the gunfire and came at us from the archway. We fought them off until we were surrounded. The enemy had flanked us and we were taking hits, suddenly we heard Scorch cry out... he was dying and there was nothing we could do for him. Vinny and I took out as many of them as we could but in the end Vinny caught a bullet in the lung.. he didn't make it. I was all alone.... I made a break towards where we had come in... I made it around the corner... I was hurting and needed to bandage my wounds I hid by some trees while I bandaged my wounds when suddenly there was a sharp pain in my leg... I had taken an LMG round that shattered my femur and was unable to walk. As I fell to the ground I could see the hangars where we had landed our chopper... If only I could make there with out them seeing me. That's when I saw the chopper take off... someone else was raiding this Island and stole my only way out! That's when I remembered the plane that was parked at the end of the tarmac on our way in...if I could only make it to that plane I could escape! I crawled wincing in pain as I went. I had to make it I just had to. Finally the plane was in site, maybe 20meters away.. I can make it! I'm going to live! The sun was setting as I started to crawl feverishly towards the plane...that's when it all went black.

    The End.

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    AWESOME!! ... Just .. AWESOME!!

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