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    [UG] United Gaming - Overpoch (CUSTOM AI/MISSIONS/LOCATIONS + MORE)

    Website: (SOON)

    About United Gaming

    United Gaming is a fresh newly created Overpoch server running Epoch version that is awaiting new players to join to enjoy it's variety of custom features. The server is hosted within the UK so players within Europe can expect a low ping rate, although we don't mind who joins regardless of what country you are from. Our admins are active and play daily both for their own day z experience as well as to ensure the server is running smoothly without any bugs or errors occurring. The server has a very "custom" feel to it, I'm absolutely sure that new players will feel at home on our server once they try it out

    We are new so as an incentive for new players we are offering free starter gear to help new players get started on the server. For larger groups (3+) we are also providing small base packages making easier for groups to find their place on the server throughout it's early stages. We have a variety of installed features with more to come, below are some of the scripts we have installed on the server;


    • Build Snapping
    • Deployable Bikes
    • Custom Traders & Loot Tables
    • Self-blood bag
    • Custom Missions + AI Sectors
    • Customised Spawn Load out
    • Refuel/Rearm/Repair Stations
    • Persistent Plot Pole
    • Skin Recovery
    • Welcome Credits
    • Intro Music
    • Indestructible Base Building (SOON)


    Myself and my team of admins are very tolerable and will often give out warnings first before any bans are made. We request if you do join the server that you respect our rules and play fairly, below are a few of our main priority rules.

    • NO hacking
    • NO duping
    • NO glitching into bases
    • NO glitching ammo to dupe it
    • NO abusive or racist behavior to ANYONE in the server for whatever reason
    • NO air-to-air kamikaze (if you cannot prove with video/screenshot evidence that is was truly air-to-ground then you will be banned)
    • NO destroying vehicles in safezones - do not shoot vehicles from outside a safezone
    • NO killing someone in safezone - do not run someone over in a vehicle
    • NO leaving vehicles unattended in safezones


    • Link
    • Shane
    • DOGGE
    • Epfinity

    How to Join

    • Download Day Z Launcher from here (Updated Server Launcher)
    • Click on the "Mods" tab and Install/ or verify Day Z Overwatch (0.25) and DayZ Epoch (
    • Type or copy into the search bar on the "servers" tab
    • Favourite and double click on the name of the server in the list to join!


    • Download Day Z Commander from here
    • Click on the "install/updates" tab and Install/ or verify Arma 2, Day Z Epoch and DayZ Overwatch.
    • Type or copy into the search bar on the "servers" tab
    • Favourite and double click on the name of the server in the list to join!

    Thanks for viewing the thread, we hope you can make it onto our server and join in on the action!

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    Does this look like an Epoch overpoch garbage website?......

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