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    Whole New Game- A Day in the Life Short

    All lot has changed since we made it out of Salvation City.

    Deez has learned to cope with his new found strength, just barely. Sarge and Jade are both struggling in their own way with not really being themselves either, but we are getting through.

    Dr. Vlad and his flotilla managed to secure the island we were living on, securing it from most actions by the Salvation City military. The odd zombie still stumbles across the odd survivor, but life was peaceful for awhile.

    But as more and more survivors found our safe haven, tensions grew. Vehicles and supplies were stolen and murders became frequent. Even Dr. Vlad's words weren't enough to quell people.

    That's when the shooting really started. Vlad's guards were assigned to keep the survivors in line, and that meant gunning a few of us down. Easy work for his fleet of minigun equipped SUVs. It wasn't what we wanted, not all of us anyways....

    "Smacker," Sarge entered the room, closing the door behind him. The surviving members of my squad gathered in Sarge's spacious shack near the sea. Mike, Ice, Deez, Jade and Smacker all sat around a table. I had my usual place leaning on the back wall. Sarge looked around the room, "I can't go with you."

    Smacker leaned back in his chair, "What the f**k you talking about? Of course you are going with us."

    "I'm staying. I'll keep the radio on if you need anything, but people need this place. Plus," his crooked smirk told us he had everything he ever wanted, "In the process off getting you all a ride off this rock, I got something even better," he stepped outside, we could hear at least two helicopters inbound.

    We all hurried outside. It was the middle of the night, the night we had all planned to abandon everything we had and head out into the wilderness to start over, away from the structured lawlessness of the southern island of Taviana.

    A Huey swooped down from the sky and landed gently in front of us. Another helicopter dropped in just as quick, coolly rolling to a stop beside Sarge's compound.

    "How the hell did you manage a Blackhawk?" Asked Ice.

    Sarge winked as the pilots powered down the aircraft and ran over to Sarge, who threw them both several ammo magazines before watching them run off into the woods, "DMR mags will get anyone to do anything bro," he said, turning to us with a wink.

    "But you all are set, now get out of here. I bet it'll be quieter to the north. Maybe even as far as Nostrania?" He said, sounding regretful for just a moment.

    "S'ppose," said Smacker, "Take care, Sarge. Keep yourself busy.

    "Oh don't worry about me," Sarge said with a smile, "Next time you come back here," he made a sweeping arm gesture towards the fields behind him, "The New Taviana airfield. Complete with walls."

    "Yea whatever dude," I said as everyone shook Sarge's hand and got into the waiting Huey, "You better have a place for us to crash when we need one."

    "Rook, you can crash here any time. Only make sure its not in a really nice helicopter."

    I chuckled, "Not even close to what I meant."

    Smacker raised the skids as soon as my feet hit them. I scrambled into my seat as he threw the Huey around and Sarge's compound became smaller and smaller.

    "What do you think is out there now?" I asked over the comms as the helicopter's engine was too noisy.

    "Bandits, death, aliens, who knows?" Mike said with a gleeful tone, "Lets just kill anything we find and take their stuff!"

    Everyone laughed at that and settled into their own thoughts as the sea rushed by beneath us.

    Welcome back to the world of A Day in the Life! Took a bit of a break and now we are fresh out of a new update and there is still tons of content, antics, bugs and glitches I have not yet made fun of. Aliens, strongholds, electronests, broken legs, the whole nine yards!

    And if you'd like to become part of this universe, all you have to do is play on our server Yea... If you haven't picked it up yet most of the characters in this story are representations of players on the Boobies and Beer GTX Hosted Server. And yea, this intro short is a shameless pitch to get more players. We've got a small area for PVE only while the rest of the map remains PVP. It's glorious, its fun and damnit we have a grand time.

    So come meet Smacker, Deez and all the rest (careful not to make that .com... unless you are 18 years or older)

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