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    Reinforcing Fences gone

    Hi fences has gone and we used more or les 3 hours and 250 reinforcing also we had to bring the excavator please solve the problem

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    Looks like the walls disappearing problem is fixed as of 1.7.8 upcoming patch.Not long to go.On the news thread-

    Bug Fixes

    - Fences/watchtowers disappearing after 15 days issue fixed.
    - Inventory accessible from outside of level 1 bandit house issue fixed.
    - 1.7.7 Stronghold issue inventory bugged preventing it from being finished issue fixed.
    - Stronghold stages disappearing issue fixed.
    - Ability to bypass 10 second abort timer fixed.
    - Stronghold stages disappearing issue fixed.
    - Back wall of stronghold missing when viewed from distance issue fixed.
    - Dr. Ivan excessive spawning issue fixed.
    - Wobbly fire truck movement fixed.
    - "pack tent" when packing a storage box issue fixed.
    - Watchtower flickering with black colour from distance issue fixed.
    - Lublin truck getting stuck on Bratislav bridge issue fixed.
    - Scrap bus getting stuck on Bratislav bridge issue fixed.
    - Rodina missing engine on bonnet issue fixed.
    - Flying loot in school building issue fixed.
    - Not able to shoot trough police station, bar and school windows issue fixed.
    - Various stretching issues on stronghold clan skins fixed.
    - Barracks on island Piran inside ground issue fixed.
    - Cables removed from electric poles.
    - Missing collision around fence on the front of big garage issue fixed.
    - Glitch in light house on island Kres issue fixed.
    - Electric pylons near Bratislav bridge fixed.
    - Sunken house in Postojna issue fixed.
    - Sunken tents in Dalnogorsk issue fixed.
    - Glitch in battleships issue fixed, helicopters can land / take off safely, player does not fall trough.
    - Quarry not working in Novistrana issue fixed.

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