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Thread: Dear Diary...

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    Dear Diary...

    This is the set up entry, so not a lot happens. A lot more will happen in the ensuing entries, but hopefully you'll enjoy this anyway.

    Dear diary...
    God, I feel so stupid. A grown man, writing a diary. But what else is there to do? TV shows have surprisingly gone downhill quite a bit since the outbreak of the infection, and I used my last book as toilet paper yesterday. Well, besides this one. But the pages in this are too rough for my sensitive rear end, so I might as well put it to good use.

    I'll start at the beginning, which is usually a good place to start. I was a journalist before all this happened, not even from Tavianna. We heard about this new infection, and how terrifying it was, and everybody wanted to hear about it. Mainly for the teenagers who shouted that "THIS IS THE END OF TIME! ZOMBIES ARE COMING!", and thought they knew everything because they played zombie video games and would obviously be experts when the real thing happened, or the religious types, "GOD HAS FORSAKEN US WITH THIS PLAGUE TO ATONE FOR OUR SINS!", because they liked doing that for some reason.

    The infection did sound scary though. Like rabies, but rabies on steroids. The patient lost their mind, most of their motor functions, groans, foaming at the mouth, that sort of thing. Or that's what we gathered from posts on the internet. We didn't have much to go on. And the worst thing was it was contagious. Extremely. If a person’s saliva got into your system, that was the end of you. And because the infected were rabid, they usually tried to bite you.

    The infection also did a strange thing. It made a person nearly immune to trauma taken to the body. Perhaps it was because it shut down most major organs, and replaced blood with some black sludge. Whatever the cause, shots to the body did very little damage. If you wanted to take them down effectively, shots to the head were the way to go.

    Anyway, "patient zero" was in a hospital in Tavianna, and because of the internet and youtube, soon everybody knew about this strange disease. Over the media flocked, and tons of tourists. Tavianna shops and residents were delighted because of all the money the tourists brought, but they also brought bodies for the infection to spread.

    We were outside the hospital when the first one came out. Zero had bitten a doctor, the doctor had tried to hide it, then he turned and bit more doctors, the circle continued. Soon the whole hospital was teeming with them. We didn't know anything because of the military cordon around the place, no one entered or left. There was too much noise to hear the groaning. Even the soldiers didn't know what was going on. Then the first one came out the door.

    Guns went up. Shouts of "STAY WHERE YOU ARE!" were shouted. But they were ignored. And others joined them. 1, 5, 10 infected. Then they started running.

    There were twenty military guys, all with automatic weapons, and they all started shooting. They aimed for the center mass though, because that's what they knew. If you need to take down someone, aim for what you're most likely to hit. But when the infected didn't go down, panic took over.

    Numbers don't win all wars. Sure, they win a lot, but you know what wins wars? Fear. What won world war 2 for the Americans the pacific? The fact that they could obliterate Japanese cities in the blink of an eye. That sure as shit scared them.

    These soldiers were pumping lead that travels faster than the speed of sound into “people”, and it didn't seem to be affecting them. I don't know about you, but that sure as shit would scare me.

    So the panic started. First the soldiers broke, then the journalists. Everyone just started running, pushing. People fell, but before they could get back up, the infected reached them, and that was the end of them. I lost my crew in the haze, so I just ran. And ran. And ran. Until I was out of the city. But I kept on running. Had to get away, couldn't stop until I could leave behind everything. The shots, the smoke, the blood curdling screams. Had. To. Keep. Running. Eventually, when I couldn't hear anything but the sound of my own heart threatening to burst out of my chest, I stopped. Or should I say, I collapsed on the side of the road. And that's where I spent the first night of the infection. In a heap on the side of the road.

    That's all for today Diary, I need to eat some beans and rest. The funny thing is, I never used to like beans before all this happened. Now I ****ing despise them. Until next time. H.

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