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    SITRAP Sector-B BDL

    Sector-B SITRAP...

    98 Salvation Army Guards dead
    Est, 10 more left outside wall to the north.
    Allied CASRAP...

    4 deaths...

    1 Brian -random shot from far, and - one random shot from far UNKNOWN S.A.G. LOCATION

    3 Jay -shot while running to inside secured 50 cal hotel from north east 80 meters, -one shot from S.A.G. pour game mechanic where one ran out of the wall (yes!, ran out of the wall) and shot from northwest outside of wall 212 meters while at southwest rabbit hole and -shot second tear of radio tower direction north west of tower 150 meters main cause of last death...not following directions

    6 wounded...

    Jay - one top of 50 cal hotel while sniping self triage w/ bandage, -one shot top of 50 cal hotel broken bone while sniping self triage w/ splint and bandage
    Brian -one top of 50 cal hotel while sniping self triage w/ bandage, -one shot southeast corner of industrial self triage w/bandage reason for last due to other squad member not following directions
    Kash -one shot leg broken outside of ATC by unknown location self triage w/bandage and self splint -one shot top of tall apartments broken leg triage w/bandage, self splint, and blood bagged


    Tommy (Covered our asses and spotted many S.A.G.'s and took them out!!!)

    Brian (Blood bagged Kash after a fallback position was needed)

    Squad consisted of 4: Brian, Jay, Kash, and Tommy boy.

    Jay returned 3 times
    Brian returned 1 times

    Thank you Sean for your support flying to Sector-B
    Thank you Todd for all the supply of m203 grenades that Kash employed.
    Thank you Todd for all the m24 ammo that was used by Jay.

    Ammo Estimation...

    CZ-550 7.62=75rnds
    M24 7.62=30rnds
    DMR 7.62=40rnds
    Stanag 5.56= 360rnds
    Mk-48 of 600 rnds=160rnds used
    Hand grenades RGO/m-67=5

    "There were a lot more unknowns and a lot more guys!, we fought together hard and tough...ok, not me but we got some never seen before rewards that only we know about and they were well worth the risk." By, Me

    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country." By, G. S. Patton

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    Incredibly hard to read with the grey on black text.... Other than that, good post

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    Я мама

    Я мама Я мама

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