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Thread: Squad war

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    Squad war

    Time: 20:00
    Place: Helfenburg castle

    It was a quiet day on Taviana. Our group of nine has had no encounters with other survivors all day. Some were sitting at base on the Western island trying to finish their houses or sort their gear out. A smaller portion of our group was roaming around the Eastern island in an SUV special looking for loot, trouble or both.

    Earlier that day, we had heard about a growing base full of bandits North of Kameni, so our roaming friends decided to confirm it. As they approach Kameni, they veer off to the east into the trees and park their cammo suv about 2 kilometers Northeast of the town and march the rest of the way in. Sure enough, a couple beat up praga helicopters as well as several bandit houses and garages. One of the group spots a bandit running north toward the castle.

    *Bandit running North of the houses through the trees!* comes in over the air waves.

    Our group of people, totaling four of our nine members sit and wait in cover to see if he comes back to open his house or garage. After a few moments of waiting, they decide to move forward in the same direction as the bandit. As the group reaches the castle, they suspect that the lone bandit may be inside and make the call to move in.

    Two entered the tower, while another two stood guard outside. Then all hell broke loose. A barrage of gunfire riddles the two survivors on watch outside, they had walked into an ambush.

    *We're pinned in the castle, we need backup!*

    Our reserve group springs into action, grabbing gear for the two that were gunned down and we jump in our fresh Mi17. As we travel toward the target, I decide that we don't want to alert them to our presence. We want surprise on our side as we don't know how many we are going up against. I swing the helicopter wide to the west of the castle and land at the Northern shore of the island. As we are moving up we hear shots in the distance as they are still pinned down.

    *Grenades! Climb!*

    In an attempt to get the kill without entering the castle, they began trying to toss grenades into the doorway. Thankfully they missed the first couple they tossed and the landed short of the castle, giving our two survivors in the castle time to retreat upwards to the next floor.

    *I can see them moving up to the castle. I count three*

    *Do you see any more?*

    *No... YES one more off in the tree line to the south. He's probably packing a sniper rifle*

    Like a well trained unit, our member with the DMR veer to the right in an attempt to flank and countersnipe while the rest of us charged ahead toward the castle.

    *500 meters out, we have eyes on the castle. Any idea how many entered the castle?*

    *Two, maybe three*

    Our man with the DMR comes in over the radio.

    *Eyes on, I'm breathing too hard to take a shot*

    *That's fine, hold fire until we are in position*

    *He is fixed on the tower, I don't think they have any clue we are here*

    We scoot around to the east of the castle to get a view on the entrance.

    *Whoever has the grenade launcher move a little further south so you have eyes on the door.*


    The next 20 seconds seemed like an eternity. But we executed our plan perfectly.

    *Fire at will sniper*


    The sniper in the treeline is destroyed with a handful of DMR rounds to the face. Then all fell silent for a brief moment. I was hoping the shots would call at least two out of the castle, but we only saw one who must have been hoping for a quick kill. He came out of the castle door and stopped, standing up looking in the direction of our sniper. Our group of three quickly melted him into nothing.

    *The other two must be in the castle still!*

    *I have grenades, I will toss them into the bottom floor. Guy with the grenade launcher, you aim for the windows above that.*


    A moment later

    *Grenade out, one... two... FIRE"

    The thump of the gp-25 round leaving the tube resonated through the air. Both the thrown grenade and the gp-25 exploded nearly at the same time. One kill popped up on the chat feed.

    *One left, are you guys able to make your way down the tower?*

    *Already ahead of you, it looks like hes on the middle platform in the tower. He's prone in the corner. You guys don't come in the tower, I have one grenade*

    He angled himself into position

    *Grenade out!*

    The kill popped up shortly after the explosion went off. We finished clearing our corners and called clear. By this time our other members that had died ran up from Kameni to meet us and gear back up for the ride back home.

    Total loot haul:
    - 1 DMR
    - 2 PKP's
    - 4 Megas
    - Assorted ammo and med supplies.

    Note: Four bandits were extremely harmed in the making of this story.

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    Can you tell me the name of the server where you play? i looking forward to be the bandit who beats 9 ^^ i did it with six maybe i can do it with you too ^^

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